Lessons Learned in Singapore

With less than three days in Singapore under my belt,  I can hardly consider myself an expert on all things Singaporean.  Rather than attempt to play travel guru, I thought I would highlight some of my more notable experiences and leave the travel advice to the experts.

Lessons Learned in Singapore:

1. If slimy gelatin-like warm soup is your thing, then you’re going to love hot and sour soup. This was a struggle to stomach. Danielle and I were so hungry but I just couldn’t bring myself to eat any more of it. Bleh. Beyond gross. Pictures don’t do it justice.

2. Universal Studios is always a good idea. Felt like a kid again!

3. Singapore has a quirky side. No chewing gum. No durians on the MRT. What’s your deal Singapore?

4. Nothing is cheap in Singapore. After recently spending a couple of months in Southeast Asia I have gotten pretty comfortable with rooms costing less than $10 a night and food costing just over a dollar. Singapore is definitely not in the same league as the Cambodias and Thailands of the world.

5. There is nothing wrong with getting lost in a new city.