Keeping Busy in Gili T

Some people spend months here. I’ve only been here 6 days and it feels like I am constantly being questioned about what I do all day. Or how I’ve kept busy. Whether it’s from new island arrivals wanting to know the island low-down,  or my curious parents looking for details of my new nomadic life, it appears to be the question of the hour. So here’s some answers:

1. Scuba dive! After 5 years off the wagon, I finally got back in the water and it was awesome. I did the Bounty dive (for anyone who has been to the Gilis) between Meno and Trawangan island. Some of the cooler things I saw included scorpion fish,  lion fish and peacock shrimp.



2. Rent a bike and go around the island. It includes a bit more exercise than anticipated, as a result of having to push the bike through the sand for a sizeable chunk, but it was nice nonetheless.


3. Snorkel trip. Most ridiculous experience. Leanne, Danielle and I thought this would be a good idea after a night of drinking. The picture of the boat above was our luxurious “glass-bottom boat” that was able to cram about 60 people into it. The trip started out well but ended with people getting seasick and about 100 jellyfish stings on my legs and ass. (I will spare you all the photo but needless to say, it is not pretty.)


4. Sunset views and the infamous swings. We walked to the other side of the island enjoyed a drink and views of the sunset and volcano.
5. Party! Gili T is definitely known for their nightlife and some people come to the island only to get their party on. 

6. Relax. Enjoy the numerous beach chairs, read a book and cool off in the water. Heaven!